As Chairperson of the Northern Flight Hunting Retriever Association’s Spring Hunt Test and O/H Q held the weekend of June 4-6, I would like to address the issue of an alleged incident of misconduct during the event.  This alleged incident received the full attention of the Hunt Test Committee, and the Committee followed the guidelines as established by the AKC publication “Dealing with Misconduct” and club bylaws.


We took the allegation very seriously as there is no room for the alleged behavior in our sport, however, it is critical that the issue was addressed following the proper protocols.  An investigation was initiated following the protocols and there was not sufficient documentable evidence to take further action.


While the responsibility for determining the outcome of the alleged incident rested with the Committee, the AKC was consulted throughout the process to ensure we were proceeding as we should.   We wanted to ensure we proceeded in a way that protects the sport, its K9 participants, and Northern Flight  and is fair to all alleged parties involved.


No additional update on this issue will be provided to protect the integrity of the process and the privacy of those allegedly involved. Please feel free to call me at 763 202-9508 or send me an e-mail at if you have questions or concerns.



Shaun Van Vark